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Are you ready for the Hidden Side?

Help the hero Jack Davids and his fearless stunt companion, El Fuego, to catch and beat the 2 haunted ghost riders, Joey and Dwayne!

Download the LEGO® Hidden Side ™ app and point your phone at the El Fuego Stunt Truck to make it come alive. Explore the Hidden Side in continuous mutation, solve new mysteries, find spectacular objects, grab all the ghosts and add them to your ghost collection, and beat the figure of the chief ghost, Samuel Mason - if you dare.

Jump into the driver's seat with El Fuego to do some amazing high-flight stunts. Or go on your own ghost hunting adventures with this amazing LEGO building block set!

App compatible with operating system iOS 11 or later, with ARKit 2 or with operating system Android 7.0 or later, with ARCore.

This set LEGO Hidden Side 70421 The Stunt Truck of El Fuego comes with 428 pieces, ideal for children over 8 years old.

LEGO Hidden Side 70421 The Stunt Truck of El Fuego

SKU: LEGO70421
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