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The Estado d'Alma brand seeks the expressive essence of shapes, space, color and materials as founding elements of the work of art. Its pieces are specially designed for spaces where the importance of decoration, versatility and tidiness are present. The precision of honest and simple design, combined with beauty and the feminine side of nature, are the most unique characteristics of its products.
Beginning of activity in 2008, by designers Alexandra Oliveira and Pedro Saraiva, with the development of their first project, based on a model of their own, finalist in an Equipment Design contest | Industral. The desire to put creativity to work and show the country what was in their souls, led to the emergence of new ideas, new concepts, which gave rise to new pieces of furniture. In 2009, Estado d'Alma became a registered National brand.

In 2018 we decided to add a new section to our product portfolio a little different from what you used to associate with the Estado d'Alma brand. After some research in the National and International market, we selected some brands of wooden toys to represent together with our furniture.

These are the brands that we will have available for you:

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