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Hurray! Raise the sails and raise the anchor in the fantastic Pirate Boat!

Stay vigilant - the basement looks extremely empty. Ahoy, boat turn bow to starboard! Put the cannons in position and get ready to fire: That boat seems to be full of looted material! After your adventure, rebuild the boat and convert it to the Pirates' Inn or the mysterious Skull Island. There will be no monotonous moments with this stupendous 3-in-1 set!

3 unique pirate adventures with LEGO bricks. Swordsmen can let their imagination run wild with 1 of 3 pirate models: A Pirate Ship, Pirate Tavern or Skull Island.

Exciting naval discoveries await! Aspiring pirates can choose 1 of 3 models to build and stage their own stories on land and sea.

Functional cannons. Shoot cannons at enemy ships, wherever they are.

Pirates rest ashore. Hide the gold in the secret hiding place in the Pirates' Tavern.

Versatile skull island. A handle allows you to open and close the skull for more fun.

Fun to build with hours of play. Easy-to-follow construction instructions allow children to build, reimagine and enjoy any pirate adventure.

3 construction possibilities in 1 set. Those who love the pirate life have many varieties of game when building the Pirate Ship, the Pirate Tavern or the Skull Island.

This LEGO Creator 31109 Pirate Boat set comes with 1264 pieces, ideal for children over 9 years old.

LEGO Creator 31109 Pirate Boat

SKU: LEGO31109
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